Oxocard Science Plus - Room sensor and more

With the next generation of our multi-sensor card, you can monitor over 16 values that influence your well-being thanks to eight high-quality sensors.

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3 in 1

This board combines three applications in one. It is a very powerful room sensor, an experiment board and, thanks to the open programming interface, you can also look behind the scenes, observe the programs during execution and change everything.


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You can measure numerous values with the sensors:

  • Temperature
  • Air humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Light intensity in lux
  • Infrared value
  • VoC
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Decibel value
  • Earth's gravity
  • and much more


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Experiment with the Oxocard:

  • How healthy is my environment?
  • Should I ventilate more often?
  • Is it too dry?
  • Am I exposed to noise?
  • How dark is my bedroom?
  • Is the wall paint dry?
  • Do I get a headache when the air pressure rises or falls?

Change code

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The Oxocard can be programmed directly in the browser:

Use the built-in programs, modify them or write your own code. Thanks to ready-made programs, you can get started right away even without programming experience. We'll show you how you can create amazing effects with simple adjustments.

Room quality influences your well-being

Plug the card directly into your computer and the invisible becomes visible. Many factors influence our well-being. Now you can see what external influences are affecting you. Is the air healthy? Is the noise pollution too high?

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You can plug the card directly into a notebook using the gooseneck cable supplied.

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NanoPy: change everything

All examples are developed using the Python-inspired NanoPy language and can be accessed and modified directly online.

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  • Event-controlled programming
  • Complete source code of over 100 examples
  • Browser-based development environment
  • Without login requirement*
  • Incl. complete documentation and many tutorials
  • Comprehensive programming environment with 2D/3D graphics, communication, sensors, audio and much more.
* An Oxocard is required for access. This serves as a key. Alternatively, a login can be created if the data is to be saved (free of charge).

Now even more options

The eight built-in environmental sensors provide even more sensor values with which new experiments are possible. The quality of the sensors has also been massively improved.

home aktuell Temperature
home aktuell Humidity
home aktuell Pressure
home aktuell VoC
home aktuell CO2
home aktuell NOx
home aktuell lAQ air quality
home aktuell Light
home aktuell Infrared
home aktuell Frequency
home aktuell Noise level
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home aktuell Distance-Field
home aktuell X-acceleration
home aktuell Y-acceleration
home aktuell Z-acceleration

The differences at a glance

Better hardware, even more sensors, audio output and more.

Function Science Science+
TFT IPS screen with 240×240 pixel resolution yep yep
Ready-to-use programs and games Free access to the NanoPy © development environment with online tutorials and hundreds of examples yep yep
ESP32 with 2 MB RAM and 8 MB FLASH yep yep
Temperature sensor yep yep
Humidity sensor yep yep
Pressure sensor yep yep
VoC sensor Renesas (ZMOD4410) Sensirion (SGP41)
CO2 berechnet (eCO2) Sensirion (SCD41)
NOx sensor yep Sensirion (SGP41)
Microfon yep yep
Light and IR sensor yep yep
3D acceleration sensor yep yep
Time-of-flight 8×8 pixel distance meter yep yep
Piezo loudspeaker yep yep
USB cable Flexible cable Gooseneck cable
Adapter USB-A to USB-C USB-C to USB-A

Technical data

The credit card-sized Oxocard Science Plus now with even more sensors


Sensor values

  • 8×8 pixel ToF distance sensor up to 4 meters
  • Temperature (+/- 0.2 °C)
  • Relative humidity (+/-2%RH)
  • Absolute humidity in (g/m^3)
  • Barometric pressure (+/- 1.5 mbar)
  • Light intensity in lux
  • Light composition as RGB value (0-255 each)
  • Infrared value (strength between 0-2^18)
  • NOx index (0-500)
  • IAQ value (1-5)
  • Decibel value
  • Primary frequency (in Hz)
  • Acceleration value in X/Y/Z direction
  • Earth's gravity

Built-in sensors

  • ToF
  • Temperature
  • Air humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Light (RGB + IR)
  • VoC + NOx
  • CO2
  • Microfon
  • 3D acceleration


In practical credit card format 55×85 mm



  • Oxocard Science Plus Platine
  • Gooseneck cable (USB-C to USB-C)
  • Quick guide

Free online development environment



  • PC/Mac/tablet with modern browser, USB power source (power bank, USB port, USB charger - not included)
  • WiFi hotspot (WPA/WPA2)
  • Cartridge

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