With oxoscript you program like the pros.

Oxoscript is a scripting language inspired by the Python programming language, which allows you to program Oxocard with code as well as Blockly. Now discover the fascinating world of programming devices of the Internet of Things. Start now with Oxocard and Oxoscript!
Programming with Scripting

With Oxoscript you can create programs like in Blockly that animate pixels, create sounds or react to movement and keystrokes. Besides this you can do much more. Learn now how to program internet devices: collect data, analyze them and send them to the browser. 

Automatic error correction during typing

As you write, functions are suggested automatically. Browse the online documentation via full text search or use one of the numerous examples as a basis for your own projects.


 As you write code, your program is automatically checked for possible errors in the background. State-of-the-art technologies give you immediate feedback. It has never been so easy to learn programming!

Send texts and messages to the browser

Let the Oxocards communicate: with the powerful “print” you can print text and data directly in your browser window!

Is your program correct? Click and hold the button until the green icon appears and the program will automatically load onto your card via the Internet.

Unleash the full power of your Oxocard now!

Write cool graphics and animations and inspire your friends! Now you can program more sophisticated algorithms and get fascinating results. Show what you’ve got!

Games and more

Now you can develop cool games. With Scripting there are almost no limits! You want to program a Jump’n’Run game? Or a game of skill? No problem! Start with one of our numerous examples.

You can do a lot more with the Oxocard. With the built-in sensors, you can now implement more demanding projects. Read temperature, volume, frequencies, vibration, movement and send the data directly to the browser.

Decibel sensor

We have great news: now you can collect data via your browser, display it graphically and you can even process the data with external programs.

Oxoscript is simple, pragmatic and very powerful.

Oxoscript is based on Python, but is optimized for small computers. Due to the very efficient compiler technology Oxoscript is fast as an arrow, but powerful enough to provide more sophisticated concepts like recursion:

The most important facts:

– Ideal for beginners

– Python-oriented

– Programming directly in the browser

– Data exchange with the browser

– Automatic verification of the code during input

– No log-in / no personal data storage

– For all Oxocards now available free of charge.

What is Oxoscript?

Read here the most important information in our Fact-Sheet

Download free Documentation – Installation guide